I once worked on a short independent film where I had to write up a bio for the “Crew Members” page, and the whole process was so unbearably nauseating that I ended up basically copy-pasting someone else’s bio from another project and then switched out the details to accurately fit my own life. This (i.e. the unbearable nausea of “about” pages) is in part felt for the same reason people feel anxious when they have to say their name out loud and one interesting fact about them in 1st year university tutorials. The other part is a sort of philosophical stance, which is that the whole idea of an “author” doesn’t make much sense to me. That’s not to say there isn’t some one person behind the keyboard typing this out right now, but that the idea that this thing on the page is somehow the result of that sole authorial object (i.e. me) rather than the impenetrable turbulence of multiple (infinite?) objects and their interactions is frankly ridiculous. For the sake of brevity however, this impenetrable turbulence will be abbreviated as Jack.

P.S. if it’s any consolation, the above paragraph is far more representative of me than any “fun” biographical trivia I can offer

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